What different participants have to say about the ISSRB (the material is UNCENSORED):

Sophie Prunier, France: 
“The International Summer School in Russian Business is excellent. It gives you a good knowledge of Russia and Russian people; it permits you to meet international students and to visit the treasures of St. Petersburg during all the very well organized excursions. A slogan would be: discover with pleasure!”

Simon Schneider, Switzerland: 
“I enjoyed the variety of topics, the overall great quality of teaching, the perfect organization of company visits and other activities”

Eric de Regnaucourt, Belgium: 
“Approach the course with an open mind and try to get beyond the presented information to understand better the Russian culture and business environment.”

Vikram Suhag, India: 
“The best feature of the program was the content and the details to which the regions of Russia and their main industries were highlighted. Here you should definitely utilize the school to gather in-depth information about Russian economy and major industries and also use the time to explore cultural peculiarities.”

Julia Kotlyar, USA:
“The International Summer School in Russian Business is a great experience for anyone and everyone with any desire to understand the Russian Economy and Business Environment today. The program provides you with the essential knowledge you need to understand about Russian markets both currently and historically while providing you with the background and the experience of seeing all of the history of the Russian culture through one of the most beautiful cities in the world.”

Alexandra Kossowski, UK:
“Do it! You won't get a better chance to learn first hand about Russia and experience one of the most beautiful cities in Europe I think that the ISSRB is definitely worth doing, not only because of the studies, but also because of the cultural and social exchange taking place during those 2 weeks. I learned a lot and was able to experience St. Petersburg in a different way than I would have done as an ordinary tourist. It definitely gave me a taste of Russia and broadened my horizon regarding Eastern European business.”

Francisco Quintero, Venezuela:
“If you want to get a good introduction to Russian business environment, be sure to attend!” Karl Weixelbaumer, Austria: “Beautiful city, Great program, Fascinating people: Come here and you go home with lots of new experiences and friends!” 

Philipp Best, Germany: 
“The program is very useful to: 1st - get a better understanding of Russia as a country (why it is like it is) and 2nd  - of business life and the cultural specialties while working with Russia. In addition, I enjoyed the Russian way of life especially during the white nights. Have a great time!”  

Dietmar Danglmaier, Austria: 
“Perfect program to understand how business in Russia can be done!”

Ksenija Goncharenko, Lithuania: 
“I could highly recommend taking part in ISSRB. You will get a lot of information about inside/outside environment of Russian economy. You will get a better understanding of mystery of Russia: doing business and overall the way Russians live”.

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