2003 ISSRB

2003 ISSRB

In front of the Faculty of Economics: as they do not know the hardships of studying lying ahead, the 2003 ISSRB participants smiling.

Inside the temple of Economic science: participants and lecturers finding their place in the history of first ever ISSRB.

That is how looks the sunset next to the student's dormitory.

Night barbeque by the seaside: the summer school is not only about studies and hard work. Roberto and Peter singing a heart-(and ear)breaking Italian ballad.

Sightseeing: The two most active tourist adventurers visiting the summer palace of Peterhoff.

Starting the boat trip: Roberto surrounded by the program queens visibly enjoys the weather, the company, the drink etc.

The boat trip: participants enjoying fantastic weather, sceneries and champagne.

The program director Dr Zashev in an 'mission impossible' assignment of satisfying the participant's thirst.

The youngest (indirect) participant Michael with his lovely sister Yuliya

In an old Russian tradition the program's success was marked with a Gala evening

That eventually found its natural continuation in an after Gala party.

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