How well the International Summer School in Russian Business would fit in my educational /professional profile?

The school will be a perfect supplement to your CV if you are:

  • a student in business and economics and that are somewhere in the third (or later) year of their undergraduate studies, coming close to a career launch.
  • a professional (planning to work in Russia or who just started working in Russia) that is interested in obtaining expert level knowledge in Business in Russia.

Do I need prior experience in Russia, Russian language or Business in Russia?

The school is intended for people who have little or no experience in Russia and Russian business and who do not speak Russian. However, as expert level knowledge is offered, people already familiar with some aspects of Russia are also very welcome.

What knowledge do I get in the summer school?

What distinguishes our program compared to other such programs is that we put the accent on the practical aspects of doing business in Russia. Therefore we do not have hours dedicated to poetry and culture, however we can organize optional courses of Russian language basics. For more information ask us a question via contacts!

How do I apply?

It is as easy as possible. You just contact us online, we get in touch with you, send you the application form, you fill it out, add the required additional papers together with your photo and send it to us. Within 2 weeks you will receive a confirmation of your acceptance by phone, e-mail or fax.

What do I do next?

After confirmation of your acceptance to the summer school you need to pay the invoice that we will have sent you and send us by fax evidence that the money transfer took place. Note the serious 15% discount that you receive in case the payment has been made before April 10th.

And then?

Then you receive your invitation and obtain a Russian visa based on it at the nearest Russian embassy. Please note that the Russian embassy usually requires a period of approximately 3-4 weeks to handle your visa application.

Is somebody meeting me at the Saint Petersburg Airport?

No. You could either take a taxi (it will cost about 900RUR) or public transport to your destination.

Where are we going to live?

The accomodation is usually organized by the summer school students themselves.

We do not provide it automatically to the participants. But we can try to organize you a room in dormitory upon request.

We do not know in advance which campus of our University can provide us the rooms, most probably it will be the one in Peterhof - nearest suburb of St. Petersburg and also very beautiful, but you have to take into account, that it is an hour away from St. Petersburg and you have to catch a train to get there.

Is it possible to come with an accompanying person?

As recent studies conclude, learning, love and fun are very closely interrelated. Therefore we strongly encourage bringing your girlfriend / boyfriend together with you.

What if I arrange on my own the accommodation in Saint Petersburg?

The price for average apartments for 1 month is 200-300 euros; the ones located in the downtown area cost about 300-400 euros. Here are some helpful sites to rent an apartment: http://www.bn.ru/zap_ar.phtml - city database of apartments for rent (in Russian), http://www.pulford.com/apartments/spb/ - real estate agency (in English). Note: if you use agencies while finding the apartment you would pay commission that is subject to negotiations and normally amounts to 50-100% of the 1 month rate.

Are there any hotels near the Faculty?

There is a variety of hotels near our Faculty. You can find information on St. Petersburg hotels on http://www.st-petersburg-hotels.com/all-hotels.aspx,http://www.findstpetersburghotel.com/index.htm, http://www.hostels.com/ru.st.html, etc.

Is there some form of certificate issued for the summer school participants?

The participants are given official certificate of the Saint Petersburg State University, Faculty of Economics for taking part in the program. A letter stating the courses each student passed, the grades, and ECTS credits assigned to each course supplements the certificate.

How much money do I bring to Saint Petersburg?

The natural answer will be the more the better - natural but not very useful. Depending on how active you plan to be - trips, museums, nightclubs etc. you may consider that the average daily expenses of yours will be within 25 euros per day (minimum).

Is it possible to stay longer after the summer school is over?

As most probably your visa will be for one month, you could stay for approximately 12 days after the summer school is over. Just inform us in advance.

What interesting places in Europe could be reached from Saint Petersburg?

Even as we think that you will have more than enough to see in Russia alone, Saint Petersburg offers plenty of interesting routes to neighboring countries. One is to go to Tallinn, the lovely capital of Estonia that is only one night away by train. Or you may wish to have the 6 hours train trip to Helsinki in Finland. Or you may plan to take a ferry trip to Stockholm in Sweden. There are plenty of choices that depend entirely on your taste, timetable and finances.

If this FAQ is not enough, is it possible to ask more questions?

Of course!

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