Content of the program:

  • Module 1. Russian Economic Landsape and Business Environment (with exam option 2 ECTS credits)
  • Module 2. Russia in the Global Economic Arena (with an exam option 2 ECTS credits)
  • Module 3. Doing Business in Russia (with an exam option 2 ECTS credits)

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Module 1. Russian Economic Landscape and Business Environment (with exam option 2 ECTS credits)  

The module aims at providing the knowledge of:  

  • RF Post-Soviet Economic Development: General Overview 
  • Legal Aspects of Doing Business in Russia                                                                                              
  • Political Stakeholders in Russian Business Environment
  • Russian Finacial System 

Module 2. Russia in The Global Economic Arena (with exam option 2 ECTS credits) 

The course discusses and analyses the place Russia has in the global economy. The course is structured in the following way:

  • The Main Business Areas of Russia
  • Strategic Challenges in Regional Economic Development
  • Doing Business in Russia
  • Russian Business Culture and Negotiations
  • Project Management in Russia
  • International Marketing in Russia
  • Conflict in Ukraine: Implications for Business in Russia

Module 3. Doing Business in Russia (with an exam option 2 ECTS credits) 

The module answers on the following questions:

  • BRICS and Russian Foreign Economic Policy
  • International Dimension of Russian Economic Development
  • Russia and the European Union
  • The Project of Eurasian Union
  • Russia's Asia-Pacific Strategy
  • Russia's Economic Cooperation with Countries of Northeast Asia
  • Russia and International Capital Flow
  • Business Case: Russian Companies Abroad

Module 4. Virtual Module (mandatory reading for the school)

Virtual module is the basis for the discussions dugong the lectures and its content will be included in the final exam

Enterprise Forum meets you with Foreign and Russian businessmen that share their experience and provide you with interesting practical perspectives and analysis of how business in Russia is done.

Company Visit 

In 2017 we plan to have company visits to:

  • Baltika Brewery - the biggest brewery in Russia and in Northern Europe that is owned by the Scandinavian Baltic Beverage Holding. Details at 
  • Yandex - Largest search engine in Russia. Details at

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