Before the classes we suggest that you read some papers in order to better understand topics and problems which you are going to discuss with lecturers.

Block C "International Dimension of Russian Economic Development" (S.F.Sutyrin)

Sergei Sutyrin, Alexandra Koval and Olga Trofimenko, Integrating into the multilateral trading system and global value chains: the case of Russia

Jon Hellevig, Putin 2000 – 2014, Midterm Interim Results: Diversification, Modernization and the Role of the State in Russia’s economy

Sergei Karaganov, Europe and Russia: Preventing a New Cold War

Block A "Political Stakeholders in Russian Business environment"  (N.A.Lomagin)

Nikita Lomagin, Interest groups in Russian foreign policy: The invisible hand of the Russian Orthodox Church 

Sergei Guriev, How the Kremlin Can Spur Growth. Russia’s Constrained Economy

Gleb Pavlovsky, The System Will Outlast the Master. Russian Politics Under Putin

Stephen Kotkin, Putin Returns to the Historical Pattern. Russia’s Perpetual Geopolitic

Dmtitri Trenin, How Moscow Reloaded. The Revival of the Russian Military

Block C  "The Project of Eurasian Union" (V.G.Sherov)

Vladimir Sherov-Ignatyev, Customs Unoins of Commodity-Exporting Countries: an Answer to Some Challenges of Globalization?

Vladimir Sherov-Ignatyev, Russian regions: foreign trade and economic development

Block C "BRICS and Russian foreign economic policy" (A.G.Koval)

David Collins, The BRIC States and Outward Foreign Direct Investment

Block C "Russia and International Capital Flow" (O.Y.Trofimenko)

The forced sale of Opel to Magna defies both industrial logic and European rules

Block C "Russia's Asia-Pacific Strategy" (L.V.Popova)

Viktor Sumsky, Modernization of Russia, East-Asia Geopolitics and the ASEAN Factor

Feng Shaolei, Russia and Contemporary East Asia: Also on the Interaction of Sino-Russian-Japanese Trilateral Relations in the Early Twenty-first Century

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